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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sensational Roses!

Dear Readers,

My dad went out and bought my mom some roses!  I love them so much that I decided to share them with you!  The roses remind me of fire and a sunset mixed together!  I love roses so much because it is my middle name, they are my favorite flower, and they smell divine!  

Here are some fun facts about the rose!

•  The rose is the USA's national flower.

•  The rose is a romantic symbol.

•  Valentine's day is the most popular day that people buy roses.

•  1,200,000,000 roses are bought by US buyers each year!

•  60% of all roses are grown in the US.

•  The red rose is an inspiration to thousands of artists everywhere!

•  Many people make rose perfumes.

Gorgeous Roses 

What do the roses remind you of?
Can you add any more facts to mine?
What is your favorite flower?


  1. FACT:
    *Rose water is a delicious treat when it is used in rice
    *Smelling roses can lighten up your whole day!

    My favorite flower is a little one called Blue Eyed Grass, I also love magnolias

  2. Hi Sasha,
    I really enjoy the poetry of Maya Angelou. I had the opportunity to see her a few years ago and listen to her read some of her favorite poems. It was truly inspirational.
    I also love the poetry that your cousin Mariah writes. I hope she will bring home a whole book of her poems inspired from her travels this year.

    Love you, keep up the wonderful blog themes.
    Auntie Laur

  3. Dear Sasha,

    I treasure your post because it has a beautiful subjectand real facts that you did not copy from the internet. My favorite flowers are the roses, tulips, and daisies. Roses remind me of love.

    Have you ever had tea with roses next to the scones on your plate and your tea? I have it tastes really good. I once took a rose from my front yard and cleaned it, so I ate it and it taste like a millon angles put together. Have you ever ate roses?

    Here are some facts:

    * Roses can come in five colors pink, red, yellow,white, and lavender.

    ∆ Some roses like teas and hybird teas smell like tea and fruit.