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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Brother's 13th Birthday!

Dear Readers,

Today, is my brother's 13th birthday!  His name is Ethan!  I love him so much!  I think he is special, because he always helps me!  He is there when I need him!  I think the best quality about him is that he always tells the truth!

 I love it when my brother and I play together!  My favorite game is probably store!  He lets me be whatever I want to be in the game!

He is also really, really, really funny!  He always cheers me up!  Especially when I am upset!  When I was little he used come in and either tickle me or pretend to hit himself!  :-)

My brother is the best brother in the world!  If there was an award he would win!  I love you so much Ethan!  

Ethan, even though we do fight sometimes I really, really, really, REALLY love you!   

P.S.  I hope you liked my video!  :)


Do you have any siblings?
Do you play games with him or her?
What do you love most about them?


  1. Your blog is so awesome. I can tell you really love your brother.

    1. Dear DaMya,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Yes, it is true that I l♥ve my big brother! Do you have any siblings? What do you do with them? What is your favorite thing to do with him/her?


  2. Dear Sasha,

    Your brother sounds like a really nice person. It was really nice that you made the video for your brother's birthday. Happy birthday Ethan!

    I have a little brother named Roman (you have met him in class). I really love playing outside with him in our sandbox. We like to build forts, and I really like to play with him because he never throws sand at me. I also like to play Skylanders (a Wii game) with him. He is little, but he is learning to play. He is about to turn 4 and if I get my own blog I will share some pictures of his birthday party, and maybe make them into a video.

    I really love my brother because he is very sweet and he has the cutest little voice. He is very kind, and whenever I get hurt he takes care of me. When I play a game, he always joins in and plays very nicely.

    How old was your brother when you were born. I turned 4 1/2 the day my brother was born. Isn't that neat?

    Your blogging buddy,

    1. Dear Maya,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! The way you are leaving comments, you will have a blog in no time! It is really true! To answer your question, my brother was 3 1/2 when I was born!

      I don't have a sandbox at my house, but I have a tree house and a swing set! I have seen Roman before, he is adorable!

      When is your birthday?


  3. Dear Sasha,

    What a terrific tribute post to your brother! (A tribute is a fancy word that means: an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.) You must have made his thirteenth birthday very special.

    Even though this was a post about Ethan, I enjoyed watching the PhotoPeach slide show with you in it. It is obvious that you and your brother love each other very much.

    You asked if I have any siblings. Yes, I do. I have an older sister named Jody and a younger brother named Rob. We had a lot of fun growing up together, and I treasure them greatly. I don't often see my sister because she lives up north with her husband and two children. However, I do get to see my brother quite ofter.

    What did your brother say about your post?

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! It is really funny, my aunt's name is Jodi, and my dad's name is Rob! Yes, I do love my brother very very much! Ethan said that "He loves the post, and that he is very, very thankful!" I can't believe I have a teenage brother!


  4. Dear Sasha,

    I enjoyed your post and your video very much. I hope your brother had a wonderful birthday! Kelly's big
    brother has a February birthday too and he will turn 21 tomorrow.
    I grew up with two sisters, who still live in Germany. One of them will visit me next week and I am really excited :0)

    Your blog is terrific and I'm looking forward to your next post!


    Henny (Kelly's mom)

    1. Dear Henny,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Tell Kelly's brother that I say happy birthday! My brother did have a very great birthday! He had lots and lots of fun! We went to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for dinner! He's going to celebrate with a bunch of his friends soon. Hope you have fun with your sister.


  5. Dear Ethan,
    Happy Birthday and best wishes to you.

    Dear Sasha,
    What a nice tribute to your brother. I loved watching the slide show of the two of you growing up. It is so nice that you both get a long and love each other so much.

    I have a younger sister and we are also very close. Growing up, we sometimes had our misunderstandings, but we always made up. I always know that I can count on her for everything.

    Victoria (Sarah's mom)

  6. Dear Sasha,
    It was so sweet to see your birthday wishes to your big brother and to give us readers a chance to honor our siblings at the same time.

    I'm lucky enough to have three siblings and even though I don't see them very often I have fond memories of our time together growing up. When we do get together we often reminisce about some of the crazy times we shared. I really look forward to those times as an adult when we can laugh and play together.

    I remember how your dad was able to recite the entire Cheech and Chong album and he never forgot any parts of it. He would often entertain us with his stand up comedy shows and he was quite funny.
    I remember making pancakes ala mode with my brothers when our mom and dad were out of the house. We had a massive whipped cream fight and I remember having to clean up the whole kitchen... I think it was totally worth it though. In fact that reminds me of an indoor water fight with waterpiks too. I wonder if my brothers remember any of those fun times. My sister was way to little to remember these memories. We had a lot of fun in our back yard swimming pool and long ping pong tournaments in the yard too. Our house was the house all the neighborhood kids wanted to come to after school because it was a really fun place to be and our mom always had fun art projects to do after school, there was always something exciting going on there, plus we always had lots of yummy ice cream in our big freezer in the garage.

    Love, Auntie Laur