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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Glorious Hike!

On spring break,  my mom, brother, and I went on a beautiful hike!  The trail was outside my front door!  It took about an hour to walk the whole trail, but we were triumphant!

Here are some photos from our walk!

This is the first thing you see before you start your journey! It is called a trailhead because it is the place where the trail begins.

This was a suntanning lizard that we saw.  It had no tail! It probably lost its tail to a predator.

 Walking along the trail was fun because we sometimes ran and sometimes we walked. My brother and I had a race to the top!

There were a lot of trees, bushes, and grass.  A lot of green if you ask me! Last week it rained so much, and that is why everything is growing.

In this picture, my brother and I are looking down from the giant bridge!

I am crossing a tiny creek here. In the water, I observed several tiny fish.

In the middle of the hike there is a wrecked car!  No one knows how it got there!

Next to the car there was an oven! Strange!

These white wildflowers were gorgeous!

When we were almost at the end of our trail, we saw a lady riding a beautiful brown horse! She said the horse's name was Peanut Butter. 

Finally, we reached the end! It was funny to see a truck driving by!

Have you ever been on a hike?
How do you think the oven and car got there?
Would you ride a horse down that trail?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Poetry Pit!

Dear Readers,

Once again, it is time to post a new poem!  I will remind you, I refresh the Poetry Pit on the first day of the new month!  

Here is another poem, I hope you like it!

I lost me my mustache,
it just ran away!
Catch that turrylurryfurry thing
that just ran away,
catch that turrylurryfurry thing that likes his curry! 
If he doesn't come here soon,
I will ground that purryturryflurrying thing!
Oh wait I just shaved off me my turryflurrylurry mustache!

Picture from Google images
Do you have a mustache?
Can you add anything to my poem?
Out of all my three poems which one is your favorite?


You can vote for the poem you like and then I will announce the winner the next month! Here are the other two poems. This one is about the candy.  You can also vote for the one from this month about mustaches!

Zazz Zag,
Tag Dad,
What fun
do you and me have,
oh zazz what a whip,
you hit me with the sugar stick,
it was fine and it was quickitypit,
I am on a sugur lick,
if you don't grab me some candy quick,
I will explode lickitysplit,

Here is the one about spaghetti.

I like my spaghetti,
I would marry it if I was ready!

I like it with my meat sauce!
I like it with my red sauce!

Spaghetti, yeah, spaghetti, yeah!
I told you I like my spaghetti!