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Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King's Birthday!

It is Martin Luther King Jr's birthday!  I truly think that he is an amazing person, and is someone who I greatly admire.  He stood up for all the black people's rights, it was called the Civil Rights Movement.  Martin Luther King doesn't judge people by their skin color, but by their actions and the way they treat other people.   He was not a man of violence, but a man of peace.  My music teacher, Mr. B taught us a song about him. The song is Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.!.  The video was by Mrs. Yollis!  

      Here are some facts about Martin Luther King Jr.

•  Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia January, 15.

•  He had two siblings, Christine was his sister, and A.D. was his brother.

• Martin Luther King Jr. was born into a loving family of preachers.  He too thought he would be a preacher someday.

•   When he was little, Martin Luther King Jr. had a friend that was white.  The boy's dad owned a store across from Martin's home.  At age six, Martin and the boy had to stop playing together, because they had to go to different schools.  It was called segregation.    

•  On the buses, black people had to sit in the back, and white people could sit in the front.  Dr. King led the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  They urged black citizens not to ride the buses.

•  Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize!

•  He went to college three times so he could become a Dr.  Then he graduated, and his name changed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

•  One of his most famous speeches was his "I Have A Dream" speech.  In the speech he asked all to judge people not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. 

•After he graduated he Married Coretta Scott on June 18, 1953!

•  Many of his followers got beaten down, killed, or even sent to jail!  King himself was sent to jail many times!

•  Someone even tried to burn his house down!  When that happened, his wife and children were inside!  Luckily no one was hurt. 

•  Sadly, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4th, 1968!  He was talking to his friend and then suddenly, he was shot with no warning!  He was at the Lorraine Hotel!

Here is a picture of him and luckily I found his signature!


Signature and picture by Wikipedia

What is your dream?  
 Who is your hero, what did he or she do?
Can you add any,more facts?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Dear Blogging Friends,

My name is Sasha.  I am a 3rd grade student in Mrs. Yollis' class.  I live with my mom, dad, and my brother in California.  I love going to school, learning, and playing with my friends.  I enjoy writing stories, reading, singing and dancing!  I love candy.  I am a candy queen. I also love animals.  I want a bunny and a hamster!

I am very excited to welcome you to my brand new blog, Sasha's Sensational Scoop!  I feel very lucky to be in Mrs. Yollis' class.  I have already learned so many things this year, including the art of blogging!  Thank you so much Mrs. Yollis for giving me the opportunity to have my own blog!

I hope you enjoy blogging with me as much as I enjoy creating it!  Please visit often and leave a comment, story, or a poem.

Tell me about yourself:

What is your favorite candy?
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What is, or was your favorite subject in school?

Your new blogging buddy,