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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Glorious Hike!

On spring break,  my mom, brother, and I went on a beautiful hike!  The trail was outside my front door!  It took about an hour to walk the whole trail, but we were triumphant!

Here are some photos from our walk!

This is the first thing you see before you start your journey! It is called a trailhead because it is the place where the trail begins.

This was a suntanning lizard that we saw.  It had no tail! It probably lost its tail to a predator.

 Walking along the trail was fun because we sometimes ran and sometimes we walked. My brother and I had a race to the top!

There were a lot of trees, bushes, and grass.  A lot of green if you ask me! Last week it rained so much, and that is why everything is growing.

In this picture, my brother and I are looking down from the giant bridge!

I am crossing a tiny creek here. In the water, I observed several tiny fish.

In the middle of the hike there is a wrecked car!  No one knows how it got there!

Next to the car there was an oven! Strange!

These white wildflowers were gorgeous!

When we were almost at the end of our trail, we saw a lady riding a beautiful brown horse! She said the horse's name was Peanut Butter. 

Finally, we reached the end! It was funny to see a truck driving by!

Have you ever been on a hike?
How do you think the oven and car got there?
Would you ride a horse down that trail?


  1. What a beautiful place to go hiking! I enjoyed reading about it and really appreciated the photos supporting your words because I could share your enjoyment by seeing where you were. It would be sad to think that someone just dumped the car and the oven there.

  2. Wow Sasha! That looks like a great day of hiking! Yes, I have been hiking before in Colorado on vacation! It was so fun! I would be afraid to ride a horse down that trail because I am not used to that! Hiking is great exercise though and I love being outside! Great job on your post! I really liked it and all the details you gave!

  3. Hello Sasha,
    My name is Kristen Walker. I work at the County Education Office in Santa Barbara and I am a big fan of your teacher and the way your class is blogging.

    This is a great post! I especially like your use of interesting vocabulary words, like "predator." I also really like the way you explained what a trailhead is. Your hike sounds really interesting and it is fun to see the photos of what you saw.

    I love hiking and I grew up near Palm Springs where there is a lot of desert terrain. You can find strange things out there, too, like the oven and car you found. Unfortunately, some people dump things out in the wilderness that really should go to the garbage dump.

    I love your photo of the horse, too. Peanut Butter is a really cute name!

    Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing about your hike.


  4. Sasha, this is a great story about your hike. I like the pictures you put used, it really helped me "see" your story better.

    When I was younger I used to hike often. I live in a small town and there are a lot of places where I can wander around and see a lot of interesting things.

  5. Dear Sasha
    What a lovely trail to go hiking on.
    I was intrigued by the landscape photo you included in your post, because I have always had the impression of LA and its environs as being very built up, with not a lot of natural space!

    We have a number of hiking trails in our area too. In New Zealand we tend to say 'bush walk' for a shorter bush trail, or if we are going for a longer time or walking/climbing in more mountainous or hilly areas we say 'tramping'.

    Do you have other hiking trails in your area that you are planning to do?

    happy hiking
    Mrs McKenzie in New Zealand

  6. What a great hike you had! Thanks for sharing the pictures as well - it definitely helped me as a viewer/reader get a great sense of the area you hiked in.
    I have gone on quite a few hikes. We have a walking trail around a swampy area in my city that we have enjoyed for many years. Also at our old summer cabin my family and I used to go hiking in the mountains. We always had interesting things to see.
    I'm not sure how the car and oven got there. That's quite the mystery. Perhaps someone dumped them there but how, I'm not sure. If you ever find out I hope you share with us.
    I would LOVE to ride a horse down that trail. Being up higher would give a different view to the world around you.
    Thanks for your post.

    Ms. Simonsen
    Saskatchewan, Canada

  7. Dear Sasha,

    I love your post! I love going on hikes with my mom, dad, my brother, and my hikelover dog, Mishka. He absolutely loves hikes because he is allowed to take off his leash and run around the trail!

    In Mexico, my family and I all rented horses, and we took them out to the beach. It was a great time because you could see the magical ocean waves hitting the shore! I was 5, so I thought that whenever my horse would start walking near the ocean, he would walk into the ocean! I started to cry whenever the horse got his hoofs wet from the ocean water.

    I think that a family was moving, and they had a big crash, so the oven fell out of the trunk, (if it was a big trunk) and the car crashed. If the car and the oven was still there, than I think that the people weren't injured and just left the car because it was ruined.

    What do you think happened to the car?



  8. Dear Sasha,
    It looked like you had a great time hiking and some of the photos you took had beautiful views. I love hiking, especially after it rains. Everything is usually really fresh and green. The only down side, is that you come home muddy. Did that happen to you? Southern California has many different hiking trails for you to explore. Do you think you will go visit a different park?

    I look forward to your next post.